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Beginning November 20th, Google Checkout will no longer process payments. We just wanted to let everyone know that this will no longer be an available payment method at that time. We still accept other payment methods, however we know a select few preferred Google Checkout.

We will begin removing Google Checkout as a payment option starting November 1st, 2013.

Via: Retiring Google Checkout Announcement

This video shows 7 different lives at the same time.

Among them a Honda NSX driving from Frankfurt to the legendary Green Hell “Nurburgring.”

Every individual gets in touch with the NSX. Each with their own perception.

Via: Format67

Back to back to back! Another shoot here featuring the amazing G35 of Marcus Cooke! 400hp+ Supercharged Infiniti sedan with all the fixin’s! Such an amazing car and also a great fellow photographer!

I hope you have a big smile on your face watching this, Marcus, as we had a blast filming this beast!

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Via: Project-Definition

As part of the rigorous testing procedures for McLaren’s groundbreaking P1, the company recently performed some extreme weather testing with the car in the summer heat of California’s Mojave Desert. Naturally, a film crew was on hand to capture it all for us to drool over. Along with some brilliant scenes of the P1 cruising through the dry landscape, they filmed the car taking some hot laps around the familiar corners of Willow Springs International Raceway.

Watch and enjoy!

Via: Speed Hunters


Available now, we are offering brand new OEM replica taillights for your 97-01 Prelude. These are nearly identical to OEM in styling as well as quality. However, they are a more affordable option.

You can check them out on our exterior parts page here and be sure to keep an eye out for more additions soon.


Being that it’s been discontinued for years, stumbling on two (yes TWO!) Jackson Racing Superchargers might seem like a jackpot. Only missing a few parts, both of these kits are being sold for $3,700 plus $100 for shipping. Someone go put them to good use!

Via: JRSC on eBay