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Join us at Honda Day! Getting a bunch of ludes from all surrounding states and parking inside HDay together. June 12th (Sunday) for the main event in Charlotte, NC. Let’s get a squad to represent ludes on the east coast!

Hit up the official Facebook event if you wanna tag along:

Our Vibrant Header shipment just arrived! Get them here.


We now stock all kinds of brand new Genuine OEM Honda parts from timing belt components, oil seals, hoses, filters, window moldings, door handles, tune up parts, etc!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!


This massive shipment of JDM parts just arrived! The biggest one yet.

Full JDM red interior, type-s carbon fiber clusters, gunmetal honeycomb grill, 3-spoke steering wheel and so much more. Everything is available immediately on the website.

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To those that have inclement weather be safe out there! Pic from: Davis Ta
*Be sure to check out our page in the next couple days for some fresh inventory*
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