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Today we’ve got one JDM Cup Holder from the Type-S Prelude. Not only is this piece becoming rarer by the minute, this one actually holds your cups! 😉

Go grab it here.


Our first ever official decals are ready after many requests! Being both “Pure White” and “Vivid Sky Blue” these decals match our website vibe perfectly.

12″ in size, they’re great for the rear quarter glass. Get one for each side or just one. Made of high quality vinyl plus free shipping! Limited quantity available.

Available now on our homepage here.

Thanks again for all the support! You guys are the absolute best!! 🙂


Realizing that we didn’t exactly have the best pictures of the OEM Honda wood trim kit we took it upon ourselves to fix that! For the guys asking for better pics look no further. These brand new kits are available near the bottom of our Interior Parts Page here.

Click the photo here for more detail:


Just thought we’d let everyone know that we dropped the prices of tons of parts throughout the site just now! As always, contact us for all inquires.

Keep an eye on our homepage this coming week as more of those rare JDM parts we promised are also making an appearance. Along with a little something special. 😉


Check out this super clean pearl white BB6 a local brought by today. He stopped by for some fresh OEM tails and turns out he has a MINT Prelude. Even some custom retrofitted HID headlights! <3 That is all.


Next up we are offering a JDM dynamic intake from the JDM Type-S Prelude in Japan. These have been discontinued and cannot be purchased new anywhere. We currently only have one in stock and you can find the intake directly on our homepage here.

More rare parts on the way!