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How to: Clean VTEC Solenoid

Tools needed:
- Tape (to mark spark plug wires)
- Stubby phillips screw driver
- 3/8" Wrench
- 3" Extension for 3/8" wrench
- 10mm socket
- Small rag
- Cleaning solution of your choice (carb cleaner works good)

Edit - 12/13/08 I actually didn't clean mine due to it being clean as I took it apart. Please use your own common sense as to what to clean the screen with.

Tools needed

Here are the steps:
- It's advised to perform this on a cold engine. Mine sat for 6 hours before I did this.

- Below is the area where this part is located. It's on the passenger side of the valve cover. Mark the spark plug wires with tape so you remember where they go. Pull them off of the distributor and pop them out of the last bracket/holder right outside of the spark plug cover like so...


- Remove the grey connector. Squeeze and pull. (Located next to the green one)

- Remove the phillips screw circled in yellow, below, for the bracket that has the female end of the grey connector and the spark plug wire holder/loom. Be careful not to lose this screw, it's small. This bracket should be connected to the VTEC solenoid still and that's okay. Just move it gently to the side and don't tug on that connected wire so you don't break it.


- Remove the green connector that has the yellow arrow pointing to it, it's the VTEC pressure switch. Squeeze and pull it straight back, then tuck it to the side.

- Get your rag handy and grab your wrench and 10mm socket. There are 3 bolts that go around the solenoid, circled below. One is at the top right, one is at the middle left and one is at the bottom right. Place your rag under the solenoid and remove the bolts. I was surprised at how little oil came out.

bolts and connector

- You should now have the solenoid completely removed from the engine. When removing the screen/gasket, I popped it up with some small medical scissors, as to not be tugging on it as I pulled it out. My screen was clean but this gave me a chance to clean up a cam seal leak I had a while ago and I figured I'd document this. If your screen is dirty this is where you can spray carb cleaner (or your choice of cleaner) onto the screen to remove any build up. Here are some more pictures for reference. Those 3 bolts on the top of the solenoid do not need to be removed. But if you feel it necessary, be careful, there are loose parts under that piece.

removed vtec solenoid



- Put everything back in reverse order (torque reference is below). I did reuse the gasket. No leaks here.

General/misc notes:
- Torque on the 3 10mm bolts around the solenoid is : 8.7 ft lbs
- If you feel the need to replace the screen and gasket, it is part number 15825-P13-005 and is listed as Filter Assy., Spool Valve. I hope this helps some people out in doing some work on their own car and that people find it useful!

--- This how to courtesy of Smitty2001 ---








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