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How to: Weight Reduction

I'm going to divide this into three (3) stages of lightening up your ride. Just keep in mind, the more stuff you take out, the less comfortable the ride will be.

Basic Weight Reduction
This covers things that can be easily removed and put back in the car in a matter of minutes or seconds while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

Removable things:
-Center caps
-Cigarette lighter
-CD player
-Coin tray
-Diet yourself (15 pounds = roughly 1 whp)
-Door sills
-Header cover
-Floor mats
-Plastic inserts (under turn signals. 5g only.)
-Spare tire and tools
-Splashguards/Mud flaps
-Stock air resonator box (inside the fender)
-Trunk lining
-Windshield washer fluid reservoir and hoses

Lighter than stock things available:
-Alternator bracket (Explicit Speed Performance)
-Lug nuts

Advanced Weight Reduction
This covers things that might take longer to take out or take away from ride comfort while still staying streetable (and legal in most areas). Do these after completing the basic weight reduction.

Removable things:
-Brake dust shields
-Cup holder
-Cruise control/moon roof control panel
-Fog lights
-Front sway bar
-Fuse box covers
-Passenger seat
-Sun visors

Lighter than stock things available:
-Aluminum radiator
-Body panels
-Steering wheel

Race Weight Reduction
This pretty much gets rid of everything not needed at a race track, so many simple accessories will now be gone, making for a not so comfortable ride for a long trip. Many of the things listed are illegal on a street driven car.

Removable things:
-A/C vents
-A/C trim
-ATTS (5g SH only)
-Backseat support
-Balance shaft
-Center console
-Cruise control
-Door controls
-Door panels
-E-brake and hardware
-ECU cover
-Firewall mat
-Glove box
-Hood latch (hood pins required)
-Interior panels
-Lip kit
-Moon roof
-Power steering
-Rearview mirror
-Rocker panels
-Seatbelts (please keep the driver belt or replace with a racing harness)
-Shift boot
-Side markers
-Sound deadening material
-Steering column cover
-Third brake light
-Trunk latch (replace with pins or exterior latches)
-Trunk spring bar
-Turn signals
-Windshield wipers
-Windshield wiper controls
-Wheel well plastic splash guard stuff

Lighter than stock things available:
-Bumper support (from JDM models only)
-Fuel cell
-Lexan windows
-Test pipe
-Valve springs and retainers

OEM wheel weights
(Source: SuperHonda - so don't blame me if they're wrong)
Car / Style...........................Size.........Weight
93 Prelude VTEC..............15x6.5.........22.5
95-96 Prelude Si,VTEC....15x6.5...........17
97 Prelude VTEC..............16x6.5...........19
97+ Prelude SH.................16x6.5...........19.5 - 39w/tires

DISCLAIMER: Do these modifications are your own risk. Nobody is liable for any damage or tickets you may acquire as a result of these mods except yourself and/or whoever does them for you. This is simply a list of ideas.

--- This how to courtesy of Si Speed ---
Originally from PreludeZone








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