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Here is the full video of the meet and greet held by Midnight Society. This is their very first meet that was put together in just a week. Surprisingly a big amount of cars and people came out for this event. As mentioned in the interview video, it will be held weekly on Sundays around the middle TN area so if you’re around, I highly recommend you check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Lots of nice cars and amazing people to be with. Cars range from a civic, crv integra, rsx, prelude, s13 and s14 240sx, evo, golf gti, tsx, bmw e36, lexus, practically all types of honda, acura, nissan, volkswagen, and even a scion FRS was there. This meet was held at Precision Motoring in Hermitage, TN but will be moved to different locations on a daily basis.

Overall, the meet was a big success to them and will continue to grow. It’s full of excitement. There’s a DJ and people were getting hyped up and dancing to the music. If not, then they were just goofing off having a great time. That’s all that actually matters. To learn from this meet, it’s not all about the car you drive, but rather being around the people of the same interest. It’s the culture of car scenes. The majority of people are into the stance game so a lot of cars will be influenced by the stance scene. But not all cars are stanced as some are more functional. That’s ok though because they welcome practically any car, but again, they just wanted to have something for people to go rather than staying at home on Sundays and it’s all about the people.

Via: Goonk Vilaivanh

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